International Summer Academy Bad Leonfelden

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Picture of Bad LeonfeldenBad Leonfelden

"It was in every respect a delightful time in this splendid atmosphere connecting people, nature and music. Many thanks!"
(participant 2013)

Held in Bad Leonfelden, a charming little town in the Mühlviertel, a beautiful area in Upper-Austria, "Internationale Sommerakademie Bad Leonfelden" is not only one of the most popular masterclasses in Austria, but also one of the most attractive.

The classes take place during the day in a relaxed but concentrated atmosphere; the evenings are reserved for ad hoc chamber music playing.

Each active participant will receive a minimum of three 60min or four 45min lessons,respectively, a semi active participant a minimum of two 45min lessons. Everyone must be ready for her/his first lesson at the beginning of the course. Pieces with piano should be well prepared as there is very little time for rehearsals with the pianist.

Each participant gets free admission to all classes and concerts.

Finally, free seminars will be offered both for QiGong and Alexander Technique(1st session)or voice training(2nd session),respectively.

The courses start on 8th and 16th Aug. 2017 at 15:00 (possibly with an audition to decide who will be an active/semi-active or passive participant). Students from overseas may send in a CD plus two recommendations by master musicians by May 20th in order to get a decision in advance.

Concerts will take place on 16th and 24th August by the professors. There will be possibilities for students to perform in public and privately.

The courses end on August 16th and 24th 2017 at 13:00

Application fee: € 40,00 (non refundable)

Fee: € 520,00 for active, € 370,00 for semi active, € 225,00 for passive participants. Members of a string quartet have to pay a € 20,00 application fee plus € 260,00 fee.

The application fee must be paid together with the application! Note: your application cannot be accepted before you have paid the application fee! The fee must be paid by June 30th 2017. In order to save bank charges you may pay this amount together with the application fee. In case of a semi active or passive participation the amount due will be refunded. All bank transfers have to be made free of charge for the academy.

Room and board Sommerhaus Hotel A-4190 Bad Leonfelden,Auweg 5:

Double room:

€ 40,00 per day (3 meals);

€ 34,00 (with breakfast and one meal),

€ 28,00 (with breakfast only).

Surcharge for single rooms € 6,00 (limited numbers available)

Hotel has to be paid in cash.

Deadline for application and payment : June 30th 2017 Afterwards only following a consultation

If you let us know your scheduled arrival in Linz in time, we might arrange a transfer to Bad Leonfelden.

Artistic director

Thomas Riebl